Necessary steps for doctors in Germany, Austria or Switzerland



  Are you a doctor looking for work in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?



 GEROM MEDICAL JOBS will put you on the road towards your desired career and will give you support through every step of the way!



   A doctor, practitioner or resident can get a job in Germany, Austria or Switzerland following these steps:


1.  Contact one of our team members by phone or email or fill in the contact form.

2.  Send your CV in German.

3.  The evaluation interview.

4.  The job interview.

5.  Signing the work contract.

6.  Beginning to work.

1.    The first stage consists of including the applicant in our data base.


2.   Sending your CV is very important in organising the first interview.       The CV must include all the relevant information about your qualifications and experience. We can help you with advice or supply a link to a CV sample.


3.  The purpose of the first interview is to evaluate your German language skills, find out what your priorities are and organise your next steps. 


4.  If the first interview is successfully passed, you will be presented with several job offers followed by interviews. To maximize your chances we will carefully prepare you for the job interview and also a member of our team or our partner’s team will join you at the time of the interview.


5.   Once you’ve pasted the interview then you’ll sign the working contract.


6.   You will be able to take your new position.